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Swim with the Dolphins - Akaroa

Quick Overview

  • Swimming with wild Hector's Dolphins
  • Masks, snorkels & wetsuit/dry suit provided
  • Full briefing from highly experienced, friendly guides
  • Max. 12 swimmers per trip
  • Must be able to swim at least 50m
Add 1 Adult (16+ yrs) $145
Add 1 Child (8-15yrs) $115
Add 2 Children (8-15yrs) $230
1 Child watching (1-4yrs) $ 0
Save $2.90
*Valid for 12 Months
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Get ready to enjoy an incredible experience in Akaroa, swimming with some of the world’s smallest, friendliest and rarest dolphins. Hector’s Dolphins are protected in Akaroa Harbour by a marine mammal sanctuary and our cruise gives you the chance to see these beautiful marine mammals close up.

All our crew are highly trained on safety and how to maximise your dolphin swimming experience. This means that you’ll get a great briefing on how to interact with the dolphins and what to expect prior to your journey. They’ll also give you safety instructions and other information to allow you to enjoy your experience. If you are new to snorkelling and using a wetsuit, your crew will be on hand to help you out.

This incredible experience allows only 12 swimmers per vessel, so you will have more chances to come face-to-face with the dolphins. Swimming with the dolphins in an aquarium type environment is one great thing, but swimming with them in their natural environment is a whole other amazing experience that you will never forget!
Duration - Please allow three hours for your Swim with the Dolphins Experience. Please allow half an hour before departing for a full briefing, about two hours on the water (of which up to an hour is spent with the dolphins) and half an hour afterwards for showering.

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Customers must have a basic skill level of swimming ability. The water is over your head and a degree of confidence in swimming is required.

A basic level of fitness is required. You will be floating in the water and will be required to swim to and from the boat - distances up to 50 metres (150 feet) at a time.

Swimming with dolphins is not available for children under 8 years old. A fit and confident child aged 8 and above is able to swim with dolphins. A child aged 12yrs and under must have an adult swimming with them.

Customers should have some knowledge of English as you will need to understand safety instructions and emergency procedures. If you do not speak English, you should be able to read and understand the foreign language safety instructions and be confident that you can communicate with crew using the pre-agreed hand signals in the event of an emergency.

The water temperature in Akaroa Harbour ranges from 11C (52F) in the winter to 17C (67F) in the summer.

Customers must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Q: Can I touch the dolphins?
A: No. These dolphins have extremely sensitive skin and a slight touch may bruise or hurt the dolphin. A nail may scratch the surface of their skin causing infections.

Q: Do we feed the dolphins?
A: No absolutely not.

Q: Are there sharks?
A: We have been operating dolphin swimming for 20 years now and have never had a problem with sharks. Generally if there are sharks around then the dolphins will be nowhere to be seen.

Q: How cold is the water?
A: In the summer the water temperature is around 17 degrees Celsius, in winter this usually decreases to around 11 degrees. We have very good quality thick wetsuits which keep you warm in the water. We also have booties, gloves and hoodies. In the winter months from May to September we use dry suits.

Q: Are the dolphins wild?
A: Yes these dolphins are completely wild.